Over the last 20 years, average tuition and fees at private universities have jumped 144%, out-of-state tuition and fees have risen 165%, and in-state tuition and fees at public schools have grown 212%. Exorbitantly high tuition is a financial burden that places pressure on students and their families, and Republican policy makers have actively decided to do nothing.

Access to Education

This isn’t a winning nor working model. Education is an important part of our society, but there’s no denying the decline in the returns of attending college. The disparity between different demographics’ access to higher education is an issue that needs to be addressed. We need a representative who brings answers and solutions to the table. Our district deserves a fearless leader who advocates for an increase in public school funding, in-depth analysis of standardized testing, and increased scholarship funds for students who can’t afford the high cost of college. Electing a representative who cares about equitable access to higher education is essential to the well being of voters in this district.

Our Four Key Issues

  1. Climate Change
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare
  4. Social Justice