Climate Change

The New Generation

It is impossible to ignore the ramifications of our changing climate. In California’s Central Valley, we feel the effects of severe drought and wildfire, and as a result, our community is under a constant threat of extreme weather caused by climate change. We cannot wait for policymakers to stand up, it is our responsibility to elect policymakers who will enact change that protects our communities and our climate. Millennials and Gen-Z Voters are more likely to list Climate Change as a priority, compared to other generations. As our Central Valley’s demographic changes, and the electorate becomes younger and more progressive, Climate Change will continue to increase as a top priority.

Removing Climate Change Deniers from Power

Fearless Action is taking the lead in getting rid of Trump Republicans who deny climate change and its effects on Valley communities. Pushing for water sustainability and preemptive drought reduction policies is crucial if we are to keep our agricultural sector thriving. We need representatives who lead the way, investing in renewable energy and electric vehicles, seeing the jobs of the future and creating the infrastructure we need in the Valley. Many children in the valley struggle with asthma due to air pollution, and in order to look out for our future generations, defeating climate denying Republicans and electing a Democrat who prioritizes climate change is essential.

Our Four Key Issues

  1. Climate Change
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare
  4. Social Justice