We are a Federal Political Action Committee (PAC) organized by constituents, community organizers, and business owners all born and raised in California’s Central Valley. Our working class communities were built by everyday Americans, documented and undocumented. We deserve representatives that reflect our Valley’s work ethic and values.

Fearless Action is dedicated to fulfilling that goal, and we draw from each of our staff’s unique experiences in order to organize, educate, and mobilize communities across the Valley with the goal of electing a representative who works for the people.


We need representatives that fight for their constituents, not tow the line of party agendas and actively work against our democracy. Our goal is to build a coalition of representatives that fight for working class people in their districts, not for their big corporate donors. Our focus is on expanding the electorate and educating voters on the failed policies of Republican representatives both in the Valley and across the United States.

What We Do

Our work centers on registering and educating voters. We see a clear opportunity to take advantage of the shifting electorate, concentrating our outreach on voters aged 18-24 and ensuring a strong democratic turnout. These efforts will allow us to establish a strong grassroots ground game, ultimately electing more Democrats to public office.

All contributions go to hiring and training local organizers in their districts, developing strategic communications to meet voters where they are, building our capacity for outreach, and developing advertisements and social media campaigns to educate voters on the failed policies of Republican Representatives across the country.